Nobels ODR-1 BC Natural Overdrive with Bass Cut

Product Code: Nobels-ODR-1-BC-Green

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  • NEW! Bass Cut switch - reduces sub-bass
  • NEW! Operable up to 18 volts - allows additional dynamics
  • NEW! Glow-in-the-dark knobs
  • Remote output socket - allows "remote control" via external switch / switcher
  • Buffered bypass


Ideal for blues and crunchy rock sounds or for the extra punch when soloing. The character of the guitar is fully retained. With the drive controller, the distortion can be easily adjusted from almost clean to maximum distortion. The distortion also works very well with the guitars volume control, backing off the volume to clean up the tone. The tone is controlled by the spectrum control. This special control ensures warm midrange between 0-5 and additional bass and treble in the range of 5-10.

Nobels ODR-1 BC Natural Overdrive with Bass Cut