Morley 20/20 Volume Plus Volume Pedal

Product Code: Morley-MTMV2-stickerless

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  • Volume Guitar Effect Pedal with Electro-optical Design Foot-selectable Minimum Volume
  • Optical Volume Pedal with Minimum Volume Control
  • Pedalboard Friendly size that doesn't sacrifice comfort
  • Glow-in-the-Dark treadle rubber to help you find your pedal on any stage
  • Silent Switching to prevent pops and noise


The 2020 Volume Plus is the Ultimate Volume pedal. Say goodbye to worn out rope and scratchy pots... Morley's Optical circuitry uses light to measure the travel so it will never wear down. It's Audio Taper is smooth and forgiving and perfect for Violin or Lap Steel Guitar type swells. It's also one of the few Volume pedals to offer a Minimum Volume Control that can perform a variety of functions such setting your Lead and Rhythm Volumes, Tremolo pedal emulation and sound design.

The Volume Plus is one of the few pedals to offer a Minimum Volume Control. It can be used for a variety of functions including setting your Rhythm and Lead Volume, Variable Fuzz/Distortion Control, emulating a Tremolo style effect, and when it's dialed into it's lowest setting can emulate a more Linear style Taper. Never lose your pedal on a dark stage. Morley's Pedal-Glow treadle rubber makes sure you know where your pedal is located. The Morley toe-end sticker also glows in the dark.

Morley 20/20 Volume Plus Volume Pedal