Morley 20/20 Power Fuzz Wah Pedal

Product Code: Morley-MTPFW

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  • Switchless Wah Pedal with Switchable Fuzz
  • Pedalboard Friendly size that doesn't sacrifice comfort
  • Wah Level Control and Fuzz Intensity and Level Controls
  • Optical Circuitry that won't wear down and get scratchy like a traditional Potentiometer
  • Buffer Circuit that protects your guitar's tone from long cable runs or what's in your rig
  • LED Indication for Wah, Fuzz and Fuzz Type
  • Silent Switching to prevent pops and noise


Behold the Mighty Power Fuzz Wah, one of the great Morley classics. The 2020 version not only comes in a Pedalboard friendly size, but now has our acclaimed Switchless Activation. It offers our widest frequency sweep and when combined with it’s Fuzz circuit delivers monstrous Fuzz Wah tone that will send other Wah pedals into hiding. All Morley 2020 pedals also come with a Buffer Circuit that protects your Guitar's natural tone from any mischief in your signal chain.

Morley 20/20 Power Fuzz Wah Pedal