MIOPS Smart Standalone and Smartphone Controllable Camera For Sony

Product Code: MIOPS-Cable-S2 for Sony

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  • TURNS YOUR DSLR INTO A HIGH-SPEED CAPTURE DEVICE - The MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger is equipped with a high-quality optical sensor that detects events like lightning strikes and triggers the shutter simultaneously.
  • CAN WORK AS A STANDALONE - The Smart Trigger is a standalone device connected to a DSLR or external flash (kit includes a PC Sync Flash Cable). Its sensors can work with or without the MIOPS App.
  • PROVIDES 6 MODES IN STANDALONE MODE - If you use the MIOPS Smart as a standalone device, you can configure the Lightning, Sound, Laser, Time Lapse, HDR, and DIY triggering modes.
  • OFFERS ADVANCED TRIGGERING FUNCTIONS - Download the MIOPS app on your smartphone and unlock advanced features such as (but not limited to) Cable Release, Press and Lock, Timed Release, and more!
  • COMPATIBILITY - Sony A3000, A5000, A5100, A6300, A99ii, HX300, HX60v, HX80, Nex 3n, Rx10, Rx100 Platinum, Rx100 vi, and more. Please check MIOPS' website for an up-to-date list of supported cameras.


Turn your Camera into a High-Speed Capture Device

MIOPS Smart+ is a versatile camera and flash trigger, all packed into one small device. Providing advanced triggering modes like lightning, sound, laser, timelapse, HDR and more, MIOPS Smart+ is the perfect tool to give you professional quality, high-speed photos, every time.

MIOPS Smart+ is energy efficient and compatible with iOS & Android smartphones, with Bluetooth Low Energy Support.

MIOPS Smart Standalone and Smartphone Controllable Camera For Sony