MED-Q Digital Pill Box, Single Beep Alarm and LED Alert

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Product Description

Introducing the MedQ Digital Pill Box with Flashing Medication Reminder - a revolutionary solution for managing your daily medications. Stay organized and never miss a dose again with this innovative device. With 14 spacious compartments, it can hold multiple pills, ensuring your medications are neatly organized and easily accessible. The built-in flashing medication reminder system features programmable alarms and flashing lights, providing gentle yet effective reminders. The user-friendly LCD display shows the current time, and the durable design keeps your medication secure. Compact and portable, it's perfect for travelers. Take control of your health and experience peace of mind with the MedQ Electronic Pill Box. Say goodbye to medication confusion and embrace a stress-free routine. Invest in this convenient and reliable pill box today.

The Med-Q Digital Pill Box for Store

The front row is for AM/First Alert and the back row is for PM/Second Alert, per day, for one full week. A five-minute alarm cycle will REPEAT EVERY THIRTY MINUTES until the medication is taken and the next alert has been activated. At your individually chosen times, the audio alarm will start with a loud, easy-to-hear beeping. The Bright LED-LITE will start flashing, in only the individual container, guiding the user to the exact dose at the exact time. Set it once and forget it.


The exact times every day the, the alarms will remind and guide. With Med-Q’s Programmable Pillbox Technology, simply take the pills at the programmed times in the individual daily container which will be flashing with LITE-BOX Technology. The escalating alarm can be heard throughout the home. The Easy to open oversized fingertip tabs make loading easy for even the frailest hands. The Med-Q Medication Reminder is a 7 or 14-day Automatic Electronic Pill Reminder that virtually eliminates forgetting double/triple dosing and other medication errors.


Simply flip open the Pillbox’s lids and place your pills and supplements into the spacious, individual daily boxes. Large Letters for easy viewing will help assure proper filling.

Key Features

  • Includes: 1 MedQ Digital Electronic Pill Box and 1 pouch of electronic wipes
  • Features: Low battery indicator and Anti Skid bottom
  • Features: Large over sized easy open finger tip tabs with huge capacity removable compartments
  • Features: Loud escalating beeping alarm and flashing guide showing what medication to take
  • The need for a MedQ Smart Medication Reminder is obvious. Stop the fear of forgetting pills and medication with this smart pill reminder. NOTE: The pill box does not lock in any way. This is a reminder and alert device only.


MED-Q Digital Pill Box, Single Beep Alarm and LED Alert