Lippert Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System for RVs (TPMS) with Tire Sensors

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Lippert Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System for RVs

Lippert Tire Linc is an advanced tire pressure monitoring system designed to keep you safe on the road. The system is composed of the Tire Linc components and the Tire Linc alert indicator, enabling you to monitor your RV tire pressure in real time. Receive smartphone notifications when shown tire pressure falls below your desired parameters. Ensure your security with Lippert Tire Linc.


Tire Linc  is the easy-to-install, always-on tire pressure and temperature monitoring system (TPMS) that makes sure you’re always ready for the road. Integrated with LCI's OneControl app, you can monitor tire pressure and temperature right from your smartphone — don’t mess with additional dashboard interfaces again. Before a trip, on the road, and in any weather conditions, make sure you know the state of your tires, with the monitoring system from a manufacturer you trust.

Key Features

  • Constant Pressure/Temperature Monitoring: Sensors update pressure and temperature several times each minute while your RV is moving and check every 15 minutes while parked. Plus, sensors notify you any time the tires inflate, deflate, or in the case of a blowout.
  • Repeater Tech Boosts Signal: Repeater technology “repeats” the signal your sensors send, but stronger, so that your smartphone always has the most up-to-date information.
  • Integration With Onecontrol App: Manage your sensors, set tire pressure ranges, get notifications, and view alerts all from your smartphone with the OneControl app from Lippert.
  • Simple Installation: Sensors easily screw on to existing tire valves, and the repeater plugs into a pre-installed dock (on specific 2020 and beyond models only). Use your OneControl app to configure sensors and set acceptable tire pressure ranges.
  • Reliability: Backed by a name RV owners and outdoor enthusiasts know and trust.


Lippert Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System for RVs (TPMS) with Tire Sensors