Kenchii SCORPION 24T

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  • The Kenchii Scorpion Line of Professional Grooming Shears for Dogs Are a Staple in The Industry. Whether you are new to grooming or an established professional, The Scorpion line of Dog Grooming Scissors can serve your needs
  • The 24 Tooth Blender is 8.0 inches in Total Length. It's great for removing volume quickly
  • Kenchii Scorpion Grooming Shears are fantastic for everyday grooming
  • Affordable, Durable blending texture shear is perfect for the beginners, home groomers, and Seasoned Professionals


The Kenchii Scorpion 24 tooth blender is great for everyday grooming. Blending, texturizing, and thinning techniques can be done quickly and efficiently with this high quality shear. It features a semi-convex edge, easy tension adjustment, and a permanently fixed finger rest. It's 8" in total length and perfect for almost any stage of grooming experience.

Kenchii SCORPION 24T