Kasco De-Icer Time & Temperature Controller C-20 - Air Temperature Thermostat and Timer | Automatically Turn On/Off 120V De-icer | Operates B/W 0-80 °F

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Kasco De-Icer Time & Temperature Controller C-20 helps optimize the performance of your 120 Volt Kasco Marine De-icers and Water Circulators. Featuring an air temperature thermostat and timer to automatically turn on/off, it is designed to minimize energy use, ensuring maximum de-icing and circulation efficiency.

Kasco time and temperature controllers are deigned to run your Kasco De-icers at maximum efficiency to save energy and add custom control to your dock de-icing. Kasco De-icers push warm bottom water to the surface creating an ice-free area of protection around your boat, dock, pier, or other in-water property. They help protect fish and aquatic species, by allowing for open areas where oxygen can enter the water. Kasco De-icer time and temperature controllers come in two variants, the C-10 model which gives you automatic controls over the temperature in which the De-icer operates and the upgraded C-20 model the let's you control time and temperature.


  • Automatic & Efficient: Automatic activation greatly reduces manual processing time, lowers deicing operating costs, which saving your expensive electricity bills. While Time controller allows you to Chose the time of day for operation. Factory-set for an outside air temperature of 30°F, the thermostat automatically starts your de-icer and keeps it running until the air temp warms to 31°F or higher. Fully adjustable from 0° to 80°F.
  • Easy Installation: This heavy-duty control box lets you “set and forget” your dock deicer to run when temperatures turn frigid. Simply plug the thermostat into your GFI- protected outlet and then plug your pond bubbler directly into the thermostat. The C-20 time and temperature controller allows you to determine at what air temperature AND time of day the deicer turns on by using both an air temperature controller and timer clock.
  • Included in Package: It comes with an Automatic Temperature Controller with a Rotary Button on the front covered with a transparent Lid for weather protection. An impact-resistant enclosure and 8-foot power cord both come standard.
  • Excellent performance and reliability: Our UL-listed De-icer Temperature Controller is extremely cold resistant, Waterproof and the quality power cord will not harden in cold weather. The sensor has high accuracy and is very suitable for outdoor use. A longer service life is guaranteed.
  • Engineered for 120 Volt Kasco Marine De-icers & Water Circulators: Ensures the de-icer runs only at preset intervals. This allows the user to determine the temperature and time of day the controller runs regardless of the water temperature. One C-20 controller will control one 120 volt de-icer.
Kasco De-Icer Time & Temperature Controller C-20 - Air Temperature Thermostat and Timer | Automatically Turn On/Off 120V De-icer | Operates B/W 0-80 °F