Grit Dance 33" Tower Bag

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  • Interior hanging system holds 10+ garments
  • Collapsible garment rack
  • Door accessory pockets and removable mesh bag included
  • Folding frame for convenient storage
  • Treaded wheels for an effortless pull
  • Durable, washable exterior fabric
  • Shoe pockets
  • Steel, plastic and composite rod frame is durable and helps support the removable hanging system
  • Various zippered accessory compartments


The Grit Dance DT2 33" Tower Bag features a durable and compact design to transport your whole wardrobe and dance accessories. Stands freely on it's own and includes a collapsible garment rack that is quick to unfold and lock into place. Costumes can then be hung externally for easy access. Multiple zippered compartments on both the door and interior for superior organization. Travels smoothly on the treaded wheels. Folding frame for convenient storage in the offseason

Grit Dance 33" Tower Bag