Grabo Portable PRO-Lifter 20 Electric Vacuum Lifter with Digital Pressure Gauge Located

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GRABO PRO-Lifter 20 The electric suction cup

The GRABO Pro tools come with a smart digital pressure sensor, digital display and smart settings for both weight and pressure.


  • 1- Powerful and Portable: The GRABO PRO-Lifter 20 offers a portable solution for lifting and moving heavy objects with ease. Elevate your lifting capabilities with the GRABO Pro — the ultimate companion for efficient, reliable, and hassle-free lifting tasks.
  • 2- Strong and Reliable: It can handle various heavy lifting tasks. This innovative technology automatically activates the vacuum pump, maintaining optimal pressure and performance while eliminating guesswork. With an impressive airflow of 20 liters per minute, the GRABO Pro offers a substantial lifting capacity, capable of effortlessly handling surfaces weighing up to 375 lbs (170 kgs).
  • 3- Digital Pressure Gauge: The handle features a built-in digital pressure gauge, allowing for easy and accurate pressure monitoring. a digital pressure gauge located on the handle for easy viewing.
  • 4- Convenient Viewing: The digital pressure gauge is conveniently located on the handle for effortless visibility during operation. GRABO Pro, the ultimate tool for efficient and effortless lifting. Equipped with a smart digital pressure display conveniently located on the handle, this advanced device revolutionizes your lifting experience.
  • 5- Efficient and Time-Saving: The GRABO PRO-Lifter 20 speeds up lifting tasks, saving valuable time and effort. With clear and precise readings for both pressure (PSI, Bar) and weight (Kg, Lb). GRABO Pro boasts a patented foam rubber seal that withstands wear and tear. Even if the seal gets damaged, it’s easily replaceable, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind.


Introducing the NEW Hardshell Case for the GRABO PRO! This new case will protect your GRABO tool from being crushed, dust, debris, and all the elements on a job site. Stay protected and stay organized with the new GRABO Hardshell Case!<br><br>GRABO Pro Lifter kit includes: A GRABO Pro tool with a smart digital pressure display conveniently located on the handle with display for both pressure and weight (PSI, Bar, kgs, lbs) a multi-socket charger; 1 seal (1 in total) ; one battery (1 in total) an English manual and a durable hardshell carry case. A pressure sensitive switch automatically turns the vacuum pump on and off to maintain constant desired lifting capacity. The GRABO pump vacuums 20 liters of air per minute and the GRABO PRO can lift up to 375 lbs or 170 kgs.

The GRABO Pro-Lifter is designed for professionals. Unlike the other gigantic solutions, the tool is portable and handy. Living up to the promise of “Heavy Lifting – Made Easy”, the GRABO Pro is equally effective on smooth as well as coarse surfaces. The Pro-Lifter has a pumping capacity of 20 liters per minute, a best in class. So, say good-bye to unreliable, and often dangerous, manual suction cups for the job. With GRABO Pro you double your work efficiency with enhanced safety.

The tool is ergonomically designed to provide better grip and less fatigue when moving heavy objects. The tool is an effective vacuum lifter even for dusty, semi-porous or rough surfaces. The tool works perfectly with glass, wood, ceramic tiles, metals and other materials. Just like the Classic version the powerful vacuum pump and rechargeable battery pack are concealed within the grab handle.

GRABO PRO-Lifter 20
Grabo Portable PRO-Lifter 20 Electric Vacuum Lifter with Digital Pressure Gauge Located