ECOFLOW RIVER Max Portable Power Station 576Wh Capacity

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  • 3 x AC OUTLETS AND 576Wh CAPACITY: The RIVER Max has 3 AC outlets and a capacity of 576Wh, providing users with incredible power for most of your favorite devices
  • RECHARGE FROM 0-80% WITHIN 1 HOUR: Eco Flow X-Stream Charge technology recharges the power station from 0-80% within one hour, which is one of the fastest recharging rates on the market. Quiet Charging can be enabled from the Eco Flow app
  • POWER UPTO 10 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY: ECO Flow X-Boost technology allows you to power devices upto 1800W, which lets you power upto 80% of essential devices like kitchen appliances, and DIY tools
  • MODULAR DESIGN: Compare with RIVER + RIVER Extra Battery ,No need to install, easier for you. The unique modular design gives you the freedom to adjust the power and portability of RIVER within seconds. The Extra Battery doubles the capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh during situations when you need more power. You can also detach the RIVER Extra Battery easily for more portability during traveling, outdoor adventures, or any application where you need to power devices on the go


ECOFLOW RIVER Max Portable Power Station delivers incredible power with 576Wh of capacity and the ability to power upto 10 devices simultaneously. Perfect for camping or outdoor adventures, this device is sure to keep your devices and appliances powered for much longer than competing models.

X-Stream Charging Technology

EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology offers one of the fast recharging rates for a power station on the market. With the built-in smart inverter, RIVER Max can recharge from 0-80% within 1 hour, achieving a full charge in just 1.6 hours.

X-Boost Technology

The RIVER Max features the patented X-Boost technology, which allows you to power devices upto 1800W. This clever function allows you to power essential devices like kitchen tools, home appliances, and DIY tools more efficiently, giving you power for hours on end.

Impressive Device Compatibility

Whether you want to go camping, tailgating, boating, or just want to enjoy a day out with your family and friends, the RIVER 600 Max powers around 80% of essential appliances and devices.

Efficient Solar Power

The RIVER Max is also compatible with the Solar Panels, which provide you with a way to generate clean, reliable solar power on the go. Two 110W Solar Panels can be connected in parallel to charge the RIVER Max from 3-6 hours.

Easy-to-Carry Handle

Introducing the future of portable power stations. RIVER Max weighs 17lbs, is exceptionally durable, and features an easy-to-carry handle. This incredibly portable power station can be taken around wherever you go, whether that’s in your car trunk, on a coffee table, or even in the great outdoors. It’s that easy.

Reliable power for work

A compact, reliable power source allows you to be more efficient at work and stay on schedule without worrying about power sources. Uninterrupted power is the key for you to focus on filming or enjoying the fun with your band.

ECOFLOW RIVER Max Portable Power Station 576Wh Capacity