Dylos Standard Laser Air Quality Monitor (STD+HM)

Product Code: Dylos STD+White HM

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  • LCD screen display
  • monitors small and large particles
  • works only with 110V electricity
  • This unit does not provide readings for specific particles, particles are either small or large particles


A true Laser Particle Counter with 2 size ranges - small (bacteria, mold, etc) large (pollen, etc.) DC1100 features technology and engineering that allows monitoring of indoor air quality with an LCD screen that provides small and large particle counts with a dynamic bar graph showing actual count reading. Multiple modes including minute, hour, day and monitor to evaluate your air quality and store up to 30 days of air quality history for review. Color: Black Dimensions: h 7 in x w 4.5 in x d 3 in Total Weight: 2.5 lb.

Dylos Standard Laser Air Quality Monitor (STD+HM)