ComforTrac Cervical Home Traction 1.0 - with Carrying case

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The Original ComforTrac, for Spinal Decompression, Relieving Pinched Nerves, and Cervical Pain

Introducing the Home Cervical Traction 1.0 System: a safe, comfortable, and easy to use device that provides rug-free pain relief. The system applies consistent, adjustable traction to the cervical spine and upper neck area, enhancing blood flow to these areas and allowing the body's natural healing processes to begin. Clinically tested, this revolutionary device is designed to reduce spinal pain, tension, and discomfort.

Key Features

  • DRUG-FREE PAIN RELIEF - A natural pain reliever for degenerative disc disease, cervicalgia, herniated discs, bulging discs, radiculopathies, and many other neck problems
  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE - This patented product comes with contouring adjustable neck cradle for a custom fit that secures the neck while providing cervical traction
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS - For those who have compression of the cervical spine, ComforTrac provides decompression that can help eliminate pain from the very first use
  • HOME CERVICAL TRACTION SYSTEM - Relieve neck pain using cervical traction in the privacy of your own home


ComforTrac Cervical Home Traction 1.0 - with Carrying case