CANMORE TW-353 Waterproof GPS Golf Watch - Orange

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  • WORLDWIDE COURSE DATA - Free course data is provided for over 38,000 (and counting) golf courses around the world (NO subscription fees) - Download new data from the CANMORE website for easy upload via USB on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • SIMPLE FUNCTIONS YOU NEED - Manage your game, not your golf watch! GPS course finder switches hole automatically and gives you easy-to-access distance to green (F/M/B), hazard distance, shot distance, scorecard and of course—digital clock with alarm
  • COMFORTABLE - Soft, durable rubber wristband feels great - The watch is lightweight so it won’t throw off your stroke
  • HIGH CONTRAST - White-on-black monochrome display is easy to read even in bright sunlight
  • GREAT SERVICE - 1 year warranty and industry-leading customer service exclusively from TrueToSource on Amazon


Golf is a game of inches

It takes more than a slick gadget to make a scratch player, but if you're like us, you'll take any edge you can get! CANMORE GPS Golf Watches are exactly the edge you need—it’s time to take your game places!

Whether you are new to smart golf watches or are looking to try something new, CANMORE Golf Watches give you the data you need, when you need it, without getting in the way of the game.

Auto course selection

The CANMORE TW-353 automatically shows the top 10 courses nearest you when you start Golf Mode, meaning you can start golfing with no setup beforehand. (Note it is recommended to start Golf Mode as soon as you arrive at the course in order to give the watch time to connect with GPS satellites. Initial connection may take 3-5 minutes, while further connections will take 30-90 seconds.)

CANMORE TW-353 Waterproof GPS Golf Watch - Orange