CANMORE H-300 Handheld Golf GPS - 4ATM Waterproof - Orange

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  • Precise and Accurate Measurements: The Canmore H300 Handheld Water Resistant Golf GPS Device offers highly accurate distance measurements, ensuring you can make precise club selections and improve your game.
  • Water-Resistant Design: Designed to withstand various weather conditions, the Canmore H300 is water-resistant, allowing you to use it confidently even during rain showers or damp conditions on the golf course.
  • Easy-to-Read Display: With its clear and easy-to-read display, the Canmore H300 ensures that you can quickly and effortlessly view the distances and other essential information without straining your eyes and Long Bettery Life Up to 60 days in time mode, and 12 hours in GPS mode, keep up with your pace at any time.
  • Preloaded Course Database: The Canmore H300 comes preloaded with a comprehensive database of golf courses, ensuring that you have access to accurate distance information for thousands of courses worldwide.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Featuring an intuitive user interface, the Canmore H300 is easy to navigate and operate, even for beginners. You can quickly access the desired features and information with just a few button presses.


Less than half the size of a credit card, the CANMORE GPS Golf GPS is exactly the edge you need for upping your game.

Auto course selection

The CANMORE H-300 automatically shows the top 10 courses nearest you when you start Golf Mode, meaning you can start golfing with no setup beforehand.

Vital info at a glance

  • Par for the current hole
  • Distance to front/middle/back of the green
  • Score for current hole
CANMORE H-300 Handheld Golf GPS - 4ATM Waterproof - Orange