Brooks Saddles B15 Swallow Bicycle Saddle

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  • Handmade in England- manufactured with the same Patent principle from 1937 and 100 year old traditional techniques
  • Chrome frame- The entire frame is chrome plated steel, simultaneously lending strength and style
  • Road/MTB- versatile and comfortable, use The B15 swallow on your road or mountain bike
  • Timeless design- The B15 swallow is a faithful reproduction, specifically conceived with the sporting cyclist in mind
  • Elastic saddle- The B15 swallow is an elastic saddle and features 100% tubular steel rivets


Brooks Saddles B15 Swallow reproduces the timeless design of the daddy of all modern racing saddles, first in production in 1937. It is available in 2 versions, one featuring the original chromium plated steel metalwork and one featuring a much lighter titanium metalwork. The tensioning plate on the underside still bears the original patenting information retaining the word DEPOSÉ, as the patent for this model was first registered in Paris. Back then many of Brooks saddles in fact were exported to the continent for the use of racers in the tours. The honey leather saddle features tubular steel rivets, and weighs 490 grams.

Brooks Saddles B15 Swallow Bicycle Saddle