Bonoch Video Baby Monitor 720P 5" HD Display

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  • 5” 720p HD big screen with 4x zoom: The large 5” HD 720p resolution color screen coupled with a sharp picture with ten times more details than ordinary 240p display baby monitors, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby more clearly. Need a closer look? The bonoch baby monitor 2x to 4x zoom abilities let you see your baby up-close. (*Note: It is recommended to remove the scratch-resistant protective film of the screen before use.)
  • Protected no Wi-Fi connection you can trust: The 2.4GHz FHSS wireless link ensures a safe and private live stream only for you. Protect you, your family, and your privacy. No Wi-Fi, No app downloading, or account creation required. Easy to set up, plug in and use.
  • No worries about nighttime with 22 hours of battery life: The auto night vision feature provides black and white images at night to see your little one clearly, even in a pitch-dark room. No red dot or red light from the camera will cause any disturbance to your baby. 4000 mAh built-in battery makes all-day monitoring easy; keep an eye from day to night.
  • View the entire baby room with a 1000ft range coverage. The baby camera monitor lens pans 355° to capture all corners of space and tilts 120° to see floor to ceiling. So, if your baby escapes the crib, you’ll be able to see it all happening. Move the baby camera around quickly with the buttons on the remote LCD. Get a clear and stable live stream to anywhere in your home with wireless range coverage of upto 1,000ft.
  • Real-time sound & temperature detection for instant alerts: Thanks to the sensitive and precise microphone, you’ll get alerts immediately from the LCD when your baby is crying. Cook, clean, study, work or rest in the other room of your house without any worries with the baby monitor with camera and audio. In addition, the remote in-room temperature display lets you know whether your baby is comfortable.


The bonoch Video Baby Monitor is packed with features, including 720p video, 5-inch display, non-wifi connection for secure streaming, real-time sound detection, and 4X Zoom to keep an eye on your little one. It's a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use monitor for peace of mind.

Bonoch Video Baby Monitor 720P 5" HD Display