Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Bidet Toilet Seat

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  • ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZATION :Press to activate a 3 minute ultraviolet sterilization cycle. The seat cannot be used during this time. This feature can only be activated when the seat is not occupied
  • POWER/STOP BUTTON: Short press to power on or long press to enter standby mode. Short press while powered on to stop any operations
  • AUTO CLEAN: Activates a rear wash for 90 seconds, followed by the dryer function for 4 minutes. Pressing the Auto button a second time during the wash skips ahead to the dryer function
  • WATER PRESSURE: Press the + or - buttons to adjust the water pressure accordingly
  • DYNAMIC STREAM: Activate during a wash to quickly alternate between hot and cold water. This feature assists in stimulating bowel movements



The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS from is the new flagship bidet toilet seat from crowd favorite, Bio Bidet. The Discovery DLS is Bio Bidet’s first foray into the ultra premium bidet seat segment and it boasts several high end features to fit the bill. The DLS’s build quality is excellent and it sports the lowest, most modern profile of any Bio Bidet model to date. When you’re ready to explore the next step up in luxury bidet seats, find the Discovery DLS.


Attaching the rubber anchors: Remove the existing toilet seat and insert the rubber anchors into the mounting holes.

Attaching the mounting plate: Place the catch plate and guides over the mounting holes. Insert the mounting screw and secure the catch plate to the toilet.

Attaching the bidet seat: Slide the bidet seat all the way on to the catch plate.

Seat sensor: This appliance is equipped with a seat sensor and will not function unless occupied..

Connecting the water hose:

  • Close the water shutoff valve.
  • Flush the toilet to empty the tank.
  • Remove the existing water supply hose from the tank.
  • Install the t-valve on to the tank.
  • Connect the 7/8” water supply hose to the water shutoff valve and t-valve. If necessary, use the included conversion nut.
  • Connect the 1/2” water supply hose to the bidet seat and t-valve.
  • Open the water shutoff valve.
  • Check for any leaking or dripping..



  • Drill two 6mm holes on the wall that line up with the remote bracket.
  • Install the wall anchors in the newly drilled holes.
  • Place the remote bracket over the wall anchors.
  • Use the provided screws to attach the remote control bracket to the wall.
  • Place the remote control on the bracket.

Remote Pairing: (Follow these instructions if the bidet seat is not responding to the remote).

  • Unplug the bidet seat.
  • Press and hold the "STOP" button on the remote until the indicator lights flash.
  • Put the remote close to the bidet seat and plug it back in.
  • The indicator lights will stop flashing when the remote has successfully paired.


Model Discovery DLS Rated Power 1050W
Seat Temp Off / 93.2~102.2°F Waterproof grade IPX4
Product Dimensions 20.79” x 16.38” x 5.59” Water Temp Off / 95 ~ 102.2°F
Water Heating Instant Ambient Temp
102.2° F
Rated Voltage 120V, 60Hz Air Temp  102.2° F


Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Bidet Toilet Seat