Bighorn Stabilizer Ultimate Ladder Bridge Roof Ladder Extension

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The Bighorn Stabilizer is a specialized device that enhances the safety of ladders used on roofs. It significantly increases the stability of ladders, decreasing the chance of accidental tipping by upto 80%. This professional-grade solution provides more reliable and secure ladder placement for all types of roofing projects.


  • Added SupportMakes your access to and from the roof easier and more secure. Improves job safety. Will attach to Aluminum and Fiberglass ladders. Extension ladder accessories for home or work. Simple quick and easy to install. No ladder modifications required. Your ultimate ladder bridge.
  • Improves Safety: You can transition to and from your roof in a more stable and confident manner. Gutter clips / ladder hooks to fasten stabilizer to rain gutter to inhibit separation and movement from roof. Walk through design lets you to step on and off the ladder safely. Ladder stabilizer for gutters, good addition to your gutter cleaning tools.
  • Built Strong: Bighorn Stabilizer is built with strong, lightweight aluminum and stainless steel. Reinforced rails and safe grip handles. Years of dependable service. This ladder standoff is a long-lasting accessory for anyone who uses a 10 foot ladder, 16 ft ladder, 20 foot ladder, 24 foot ladder, 30 ft ladder 32 foot ladder or any ladder.
  • Easy TransportCan be folded so can stay on ladder for transport, or to be stored in your garage. Great for roofing contractor, insurance adjuster or home owner who needs to access a roof. Can be used for commercial and residential use. Make your ladder multipurpose.
  • Adjustable: Easily adjustable to fit pitch of roof. Steel feet with rubber feet base pivot to sit flush on roof surface. Has two reinforced channels that slide onto the ladder. Has spring-loaded latch that secures it to ladder rung. Ladder safe accessories to use on ladder for home or at work for added roof safety.


Bighorn Stabilizer Ultimate Ladder Bridge Roof Ladder Extension