AustinAir - HealthMate Filter

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HealthMate Air Filter


Substitution channel for the Austin Air HealthMate®. The Austin Air HealthMate® was intended to address your regular air quality concerns. It evacuates a wide scope of airborne particles, synthetics, gases and scents and will altogether improve the nature of air in your home.


  • STAGE 1 – Large Particle Pre-filter. Removes particles easily seen by the naked eye (e.g. dust, hair and pet dander)
  • STAGE 2 – Medium Particle Pre-filter. Removes small to medium size particles (e.g. molds, spores and pollen) Color: gray, blue or green
  • STAGE 3 – Over 780 cubic inches of Activated Carbon and Zeolite.  Removes chemicals, gases and odors.
  • STAGE 4 – 60 sq. ft. of True Medical Grade HEPA. Removes 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns and 95% of all particles larger than 0.1 microns.
AustinAir - HealthMate Filter