SAF Aranet4 Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor for Home

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SAF Aranet4 -The Best Carbon Dioxide Monitor

The Aranet4 CO2 Monitor is a comprehensive indoor air quality monitor that provides precise measurements of essential factors like CO2 concentrations, temperature and humidity for home environments. It can detect and measure air quality with unparalleled accuracy, giving you peace of mind that the air you are breathing is safe and healthy.

Insightful graphs and easy data management in the Aranet4 app
Want to access real-time measurements or browse your data history? Maybe set a buzzer or adjust CO₂ thresholds? Connect your smartphone to the Aranet4 app via Bluetooth and explore different features!


  • The perfect companion for indoor environments, allowing you to monitor CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure in real-time
  • Easy for anyone to use – the color coding and the optional buzzer warns you when the CO2 concentration gets too high
  • Power-efficient e-ink display ensures super long battery life for this wireless device (up to 4 years)
  • Smartphone app for viewing and analyzing historical data up to 14 days history (supports iPhone and iPad with iOS 12 or later, Android devices with Oreo 8.0 or later, compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 or later)
  • Uses nondispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) technology for most precise and reliable CO2 measurements

SAF Aranet4 Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor for Home