AlcoMate Premium AL7000 | Professional Breathalyzer | US DOT & US Coast Guard Approved | Globally Patented Replaceable Sensor Module | Full Pack

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  • The AlcoMate Premium alcohol tester is an alternative to the TS200 that uses more affordable oxide semiconductor alcohol sensors in combination with PRISM Technology. The Premium is a great selection for both professional and personal users alike
  • With the unique Easy-Replace Sensor Panel, module replacement takes just a few seconds
  • The AlcoMate Premium breathalyzer combines professional reliability with extremely easy-to-use one-button operation
  • DOT-approved for law-enforcement grade accuracy and US Coast Guard Approved to satisfy the requirements of all marine vessels in US waters to have a breathalyzer-on-board.
  • INCLUDES: Breathalyzer, batteries, 5 mouthpieces, pouch, a handstrap, heavy duty case, and car adapter charger


The AlcoMate Premium breathalyzer features patented PRISM Technology, which eliminates two fundamental flaws of traditional re-calibration: sensor degradation and the turnaround cycle. The Premium is approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for law enforcement use, and is widely used by both professionals and general consumers concerned with long-term accuracy. The US Navy selected the AlcoMate brand for single-source supply for its ongoing substance testing program.

PRISM: The Solution to Calibration

When choosing to invest in a breathalyzer, accuracy is the most important factor to consider. However, all breathalyzers lose accuracy over time (usually in one year or less), and the current fix for this loss in accuracy is manual re-calibration.

Manual re-calibration is a flawed process, because the actual residue buildup and functional degradation inside the sensor cavity is not addressed at all; re-calibration simply "re-teaches" the device to show better results with the now-degraded sensor. After several re-calibrations, sometimes after even the first one, the sensor may have degraded too far, at which point re-calibration cannot even be performed and the device is now just a paperweight.

These flaws are all completely erased by the introduction of PRISM Technology and its user-replaceable sensor modules. Replacement is quick and easy, and replacing the module is the only way to restore true "day one" accuracy to your device.

Trusted by Professionals, Law Enforcement and the US Military

AlcoMate's goal is to contribute to a national network of safety procedures and protocols for the prevention of alcohol-related incidents both in and out of the workplace. In order for breath alcohol testing applications to remain time-tested and reliable, we believe the future lies in the pursuit of innovation, which led us to develop PRISM technology.

AlcoMate Premium AL7000 | Professional Breathalyzer | US DOT & US Coast Guard Approved | Globally Patented Replaceable Sensor Module | Full Pack