Airfree P2000 Filterless Air Purifier

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  • HOW IT WORKS: Our unique Patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology system applies the same concept as boiling water by using heat to eliminate microorganisms, mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen, ozone, or other organic allergy-causing allergens from those with one pet or multiple pets like dog/dogs or cat/cats
  • SAFE: Our true purifying device doesn't emit, vent or spray ozone, ions, harmful UV light, or other dangerous products into the air. Ozone is a toxic gas known to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to trigger asthma and destroy essential lung tissue. Independent lab testing found that our devices provide 26% ozone removal
  • SILENT OPERATION: Our fresh clear air purifiers not only create better indoor air quality but are silent. It will run noise-free in a bedroom, bedrooms, dorm or a nursery and still allow you to sleep and enjoy sleeping. Our quiet operation also makes it an ideal fit for an office or kitchen inside your house
  • SMART DESIGN: Our electronic purifying machine is portable, compact, and easy to use. It also blends well with any decor or space. The harmonic blue glow night light will help comfort a baby, child, or small children so kids can breathe a sigh of relief at not being left alone in the dark while also breathing easier
  • SAVES GREEN: You will save money since you don't need to buy a long list of expensive & high priced replacement supplies like filters, parts, sterilizer, sanitizer or other cleaners. Not using an electric fan allows our energy power consumption to be low and not high which is good for the environment


FRESH AIR: We are like laundry soap cleaning the oxygen around you. We are the perfect combination of TSS air sterilization and germ-killing deodorizing air freshener and conditioner technology. Like a household vacuum, we are a remover of items that litter your precious air. Our purifiers clean more than an activated carbon deodorizer or charcoal plugin filter. Airfree provides pure, clean air. We are your personal air guardian.

MAINTENANCE FREE: Our maintenance-free filtration means you don't need to use gloves or scrubber tools for cleaning tool parts. We keep it simple and to the basics so you don’t need to change or deal with washing reusable or washable filters.

QUALITY: Airfree purifiers are manufactured using elite modern technology and the best whole materials and resources available.

EASY TO USE: Simply plug in the purifier to start the air purification process. You can then stand back and take a breath as we supply chemical-free air up to 450 feet square.

HELPFUL: We successfully clean the air for those living with allergies or a smoker. We are eliminators of bad air by germ-killing through sterilization. We are a top-notch threat neutralizer so you get control of what you inhale.

TSS TECH: Our exclusive Patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology has been independently tested in real-life working conditions by world-renowned laboratories of six different countries including the USA, Sweden, and Germany. The testing in labs proved that our machines will trap and kill a virus and other microorganisms that pass through no matter the size. Below is a step by step explanation of the process

• The contaminated air enters into the Airfree unit via natural air convection..

• The microorganisms are eliminated inside at temperatures close to 400 °F.

• The sterilized air is cooled and then returned to the surrounding environment.

• The safe purified cool air is now dissipated throughout your home.

Airfree P2000 Filterless Air Purifier