ActiveStart Softstart rv Air Conditioning 20 Amp - ACS20P

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The ActiveStart Softstart 20 AMP is an advanced softstart system featuring convenient Plug and Play connections, customizable BlueTooth App settings, and WaterTight construction to keep your equipment running under any condition. With up to 20 AMP of continuous power, the ActiveStart provides protection and easy control for any industrial application.

The ActiveStart product works out of the box for power pedestal and ANY sized generators. Plug it in and Go! For other applications use our provided app to select other configurations for optimal performance. Its 20 amp rating allows for your AC to run along with other small appliances not exceeding 20 amps with 2100 joules of surge protection included. An industry unique plug and play soft start. This Soft Starter ramps the load up after detecting the start. The industry unique softstarter is programmable to match the power source. Comes with Bonding Plug for generator use only. Please note that this product is designed to work best with generators. Performance may not be the same in all applications or when using solar generators. Please use app to select power setting for small generators.


  • Plug and Play Softstart
  • WaterTight Connections
  • BlueTooth App for Monitoring and Setup
  • Portable so Take it with you
  • Surge Protection
ActiveStart Softstart rv Air Conditioning 20 Amp - ACS20P