ACLIM8 Combar Pro Titanium Elite Adventurer Heavy Duty Multi-Tool Set, Black

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  • Unbreakable Design: To meticulously fuse the essential tools into a sturdy unit that can outperform any task, the COMBAR shaft has an unbreakable design. The body comprises a high-end glass-reinforced polymer and an over-molded head for the strongest, safest head & shaft connection.
  • Excellent Grip And Control: The textured ergonomically shaft offers excellent grip and control while using the hatchet, spade, or the hammer (and houses the knife and saw- pro), even when swinging with greater force.
  • Feeling Of Confidence: The COMBAR shaft is long enough for holding it with two or one hand and ideal for use on your hands and knees. It provides you a feeling of confidence like a full-sized axe or entrenching tool, yet packable enough for toting into the wilderness.
  • Slim And Compact Design: The fixed blade, drop-point Survival Knife, was built to complement the other COMBAR tools and fit snugly inside the hollow shaft. The knife has a slim and compact design with a glass-reinforced polymer ergonomic handle and an integrated belt clip sheath that fits inside the skeletonized knife handle.
  • Complementary Tools: A saw and an ax are complementary tools and not alternatives to each other. Each is effective for other bushcraft tasks, and the combination of them makes them a winning pair. The COMBAR folding saw can use up to standard 10-inch reciprocating saw blades, long enough to deal with extra-thick branches, small logs, and brush.

Product Description

ACLIM8 COMBAR™ PRO Titanium  COMBAR™ Pro, Winner of the Red Dot 2019, is a powerful patented elite tool used for chopping, splitting, digging, hammering, and sawing. Combining essential age-old tools with cutting-edge technology, it has a rigid shaft and solid head, which combines a first-of-its-kind folding hatchet blade with a trowel and hammer. In addition, the hollow, glass-reinforced polymer shaft contains a survival knife and folding pruning saw or storage capsule designed to house personalized, mission-specific kits. The COMBAR™ Pro is made of an uncompromising selection of materials, including 6AL-4V titanium, hard-anodized aluminum, and 420J2 stainless steel; each element has been crafted expertly. The Pro version was developed based on extensive experience and designed especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Folded, the COMBAR™ Pro takes less space than a rolled-up newspaper, its lightweight and compact size make it easy to transport and stow. It offers optimal performance for a wide range of uses, be it at home or outdoors. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or casual camper, the COMBAR™ will become the grab-and-go tool you always wanted.

ACLIM8 Combar Pro Titanium Elite Adventurer Heavy Duty Multi-Tool Set, Black