ACLIM8 Combar Pro Kit - Survival Knife and Folding Saw

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  • OUTDOORSMAN'S BEST FRIENDS: Although the notion that a heavy knife can do the work of a hatchet is a delusion, a knife is still one of the outdoorsman's best friends. It is used repeatedly during each camping, hiking, or hunting day for nearly every cutting task
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: The fixed blade, drop-point Survival Knife, was built to complement the other COMBAR tools and fit snugly inside the hollow shaft. The knife has a slim and compact design with a glass-reinforced polymer ergonomic handle and an integrated belt clip sheath that fits inside the skeletonized knife handle
  • COMPLEMENTARY TOOLS: A saw and an ax are complementary tools and not alternatives to each other. Each is effective for other bushcraft tasks, and the combination of them makes them a winning pair. The COMBAR folding saw can use up to standard 10-inch reciprocating saw blades, long enough to deal with extra-thick branches, small logs, and brush
  • EASILY SWITCH TO ANY BLADE: To keep your saw at its best, you can replace the dull blade with a fresh one from any reciprocating saw blades manufacturer you want. A significant advantage is that the unique fastening mechanism allows you to easily switch to any blade you wish to as long as it is a standard reciprocating saw blade
  • FAVORITE UTILITY SAW: It will enable you to optimize the saw for any task and not only pruning. It is guaranteed to become your favorite utility saw for household, gardening, and wilderness jobs


The Pro-Kit is the addition that makes the basic COMBAR™ the whole, which is greater than the sum of its parts. The hollow rigid shaft host the survival knife and the foldable pruning saw inside. Together with the axe, spade, and hammer, it makes the COMBAR™ a complete wilderness kit that includes all the essentials tools you need out there. When the COMBAR™ Pro is overkill for light trekking or hiking, you can always have only the light and compact Pro Kit with you.

ACLIM8 Combar Pro Kit - Survival Knife and Folding Saw