ACLIM8 Combar FoldaXe Pro Elite Adventurer Heavy Duty Multi-Tool Set

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  • OVERALL: The COMBAR FoldaXe Pro features an unbreakable design. The handle's body is composed of premium, glass-reinforced polymer and an over-molded head for the strongest, safest head & shaft connection.The textured ergonomic handle offers excellent grip and control while using the hatchet or the hammer, allowing for finesse or power depending on the task
  • SENSE OF DEXTERITY: The handle is long enough for one-hand or two-hand control and provides a sense of dexterity and confidence. Overall performance is like that of a full-sized axe, yet comes in a design that's packable enough for toting deep into the backcountry
  • FIT FOR ALL TASKS: When unfolded, the COMBAR FoldaXe hatchet is a 5-inch-by-2.5-inch head. The hardened, razor-sharp stainless steel blade packs enough power to chop thick wood sticks. And its wide cheek design makes quick work of splitting logs. Thanks to its long handle and heavy, elongated axe head, the FoldaXe can also fall small trees if needed
  • LOCKS SECURELY INTO PLACE: When deployed, the first-of-its-kind collapsible hatchet blade unfolds and locks securely into place. The FoldaXe blade tucks into itself using the patented design to provide safe carry and space-saving storage when the task is complete. For weight-conscious pursuits like remote backpacking, the COMBAR FoldaXe is a go-to piece of gear, providing heavy-duty function in a packable design
  • OUTDOORSMAN'S BEST FRIEND: Although the notion that a heavy knife can do the work of a hatchet is a delusion, a knife is still one of the outdoorsman's best friends. It is used repeatedly during each camping, hiking, or hunting day for nearly every cutting task. Made of 420HC hardened stainless steel, the COMBAR full-tang blade will get any cutting jobs done


COMBAR™ FoldaXe is a powerful yet streamlined outdoor multitool. It combines timeless tools with cutting-edge technology to create a first-of-its-kind folding axe and hammer. The cleverly engineered head allows the FoldaXe to transform from a stowed position to axe in seconds. In addition, the hollow, glass-reinforced polymer shaft contains a survival knife and folding pruning saw or storage capsule designed to house personalized, mission-specific kits.

The COMBAR™ FoldaXe is built with an uncompromising selection of materials, including 7075T6 aircraft hard-anodized aluminum and 420J2 stainless steel. Each element has been crafted expertly, undergoing rounds of iteration in our development process to be perfected. Based on extensive experience in survival situations, the tool is built especially for outdoor enthusiasts. And the FoldaXe’s lightweight and compact size makes it easy to transport and stow.

ACLIM8 Combar FoldaXe Pro Elite Adventurer Heavy Duty Multi-Tool Set