3B Medical Lumin CPAP Mask and Accessories Cleaner (4 in 1 Combo Pack)

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  • Ozone Free - Ozone has been shown to irritate the lungs and the respiratory system. Unlike ozone cleaners, that require lengthy dissipation wait time, Lumin cleans in just 5 minutes with no toxic gas. Your device can be used immediately, with no residue to wipe off or waiting period required.
  • UVC Light - Lumin relies on a high powered UVC light that helps you maintain sleep hygiene.
  • One Touch Operation - Lumin is really easy to use, in just one finger touch it can clean any item that fits in the drawer.
  • No Maintenance - The Lumin requires virtually no maintenance with no filters to replace and a long lasting UVC light bulb that's rated to easily outlast the life of your device. We recommend using Lumin twice weekly on your hose. Works In 5-Minutes - Featuring a one-touch operation and automatic shut-off, YOUR Lumin chimes and lights up to let you know when the cleaning cycle is complete.
  • Designed for CPAP, Useful for Anything! - The 3B Lumin can clean any item that fits in the drawer. Quickly clean your CPAP mask, hose and water chamber in minutes. Also use to clean your toothbrush, electronics, hearing aids, cell phones, or even children’s toys.
  • Aloe & Citrus CPAP Wipes - 


The Lumin CPAP Mask and Accessories UV Cleaner by 3B Medical is a quick and simple approach to clean your CPAP veil, hose and water chamber. 3B Medical's Lumin depends on a powerful UVC light. With the capacity to clean for all intents and purposes any thing that fits in the cabinet, the Lumin is perfect for toothbrushes, listening devices, or even kids' toys. Snappy and Easy Many CPAP cleaners take hours to clean a gadget. Lumin's cleaning cycle is a minor 5 minutes, making it the most effortless CPAP cleaning framework available. Envision cleaning your cover in the time it takes to brush your teeth. Basically press the beginning catch and pause, the programmed shut-off will toll and lights up to tell you when the cleaning cycle is finished. Lumin requires for all intents and purposes no support; it has no channels to supplant and the dependable UVC light is evaluated to effortlessly outlive the life of your gadget. Lumin utilizes UVC light which is quick and simple and uses no hurtful gas. This implies you can utilize your gadget when the cleaning cycle is finished; there is no buildup to clear off or holding up period required. Improve your rest wellbeing and keep your CPAP cover and adornments clean with Lumin


3B Medical Lumin CPAP Mask and Accessories Cleaner (4 in 1 Combo Pack)