E-commerce Business

Customers are what drives businesses and we try to understand their needs and provide tailor made solutions in their day to day life by onboarding brands that add great value to them. We work with the best brands in business and we take constant feedback from our customers and narrow down on brands with whom we partner. At Pete Organics we handpick brands that follow our motto, and that is, quality is not an option but a necessity. With a couple of warehouses in CA and also other 3rd party storage facilities like Amazon's multi-channel fulfillment, deliverr etc, we stock inventory and make prepaid payment. We don't keep you waiting for that check.

A Few of Our Trusted Partners.

Our core ideals on which our partner brands thrive

Our customer database

MAP Enforcement team

Cross - Selling & Personalized emails

Customer service & Account Management

With more than 5 years of experience in ecommerce and a lot of marketing efforts, we have created a huge customer database and with customer data in specific niches. We are growing our customer data as you are reading this and our goal is to drive those right customers to your products. Sales dilution is a common practice in the marketplace space, but this is what makes us stand out as we will ensure that we drive unique traffic to your listings across different online platforms. It is a tried and tested formula and with 100+ brands onboard, we sure are hitting the right chords.

Brand reputation and MAP policy go hand in hand and this is something which many brands are realizing after a long haul in 3rd party marketplace platforms. Repeated price fluctuations can severely damage a brand image and we at Pete Organics totally understand the scenario which many brands are currently facing. We have an in-house MAP enforcement team and we make sure that each product is at MAP pricing as set by the company. We also do send gentle reminders to brands if other resellers break MAP so that the brands can take notice and take swift action.(This is only for those brands which doesn't have an in-house or external UMAP agency tied up with them)

At Pete Organics, we always encourage our customers to pick up products that complete the true intent of their purchase and we make suggestions in terms of other products that will supplement the current product they just purchased. In that way we showcase new brands & products This has been an exciting feature and all the emails we send out to our customers are completely customized and we have an in-house mailing team who work on the data and make relevant suggestions. We just don't send out a newsletter for which the bounce right is way too high. We instead send our customers personalised emails to ensure a human to human interaction takes place.

We assign an account manager for your brand who will look after your brand and make sure that all the boxes are ticked when it comes to sales, customer service, marketing & refunds.

3rd Party Platforms we sell

Our exclusivity Program for Amazon

We have an exclusivity program where you can enroll your brand so that our expert Amazon team will evaluate the potential of your brand. Once approved they will create and nurture your product listings, run targeted sponsored ad campaigns, do competitor analysis and make your brand stand out from the competition. With our expert Amazon team coming in, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.