ControlOMatic MegaChlor DO Saltwater Chlorine Generation System for SwimSpas and Above Ground Pools

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  • Controlomatic Pool Chlorinator: Quite simply, MegaChlor is a semi-automated salt water chlorinator for home swim spas and above ground swimming pools. It produces chlorine in its pure form using electrolysis — a small amount of ordinary salt dissolved in the water.
  • Easier On Your Eyes And Skin: Salt is the same ingredient used in water softening systems today and has a natural effect on softening the water in your pool or spa.
  • Around-The-Clock Production: MegaChlor features 10 built-in, adjustable power levels, so you don't need any external timer. ControlOMatic's self-cleaning reverse polarity system dramatically reduces your time for maintenance and grants you more time enjoy better water.
  • Easy To Install And Use: The plug-and-play chlorinator system does not require plumbing or mechanical alternations. Just attach the panel to the outside of your pool and lower the electrode into the water.
  • Thrice The Amount Of Chlorine Compared To Its Competitors: Other brands make between 0.02 LB of chlorine per day in 5 gallons of water, while MegaChlor makes 0.25 LB of pure chlorine per day. ControlOMatic can handle larger spas and is most likely to run at a lower power level. This will increase the life span of the titanium plates.

ControlOMatic MegaChlor DO Saltwater Chlorine Generation System
MegaChlor-DO is a semi-automated salt water chlorine generation system that produces chlorine from a small amount of ordinary salt dissolved in water. The small addition of salt provides a softening effect on your spa water, which is very mild on the skin. It can handle swim spas and above ground pools. It generates up to 0.25 LB of pure chlorination per day, while other generators produce 8g-11g of chlorine in 5 gallons of water. 
If others can handle a 2,000-gallon spa, MegaChlor can manage up to 6,000 gallons

Why use a Saltwater Chlorine Generator

  • Improved water quality – clearer and cleaner water.
  • All natural salts used with a generator provide continued skin softening benefits.
  • Reduced maintenance – Set it once and the generator takes care of it from there. You don't have to remember to add chlorine every day. Make sure to keep an eye on the pH. Salt water chlorinators tend to raise the pH.
  • More natural water sanitation by producing chlorine on site – in your spa.
  • More cost effective than buying gallons of chemicals.
  • Lowers your Carbon Footprint

    Quick and Easy Installation:
    Mount the control box to the SPA's skirt, add salt and place the electrode into the water – that is all there is to it. The control panel has 3 buttons for adjusting the chlorine production and 4 indicator lights to let you know when it is making chlorine or if you need to check the cell. The MegaChlor doesn't have a timed cycle and will automatically start making chlorine when needed. After it has finished a chlorine production cycle, it may be hours or even days until it turns on again. The MegaChlor will definitely reduce the maintenance requirements of your spa and significantly reduce the amount of chemicals you may be currently using.

  • 110/220V AC Outlet That is GFCI Protected
  • Weather Protector Required At Power Source
ControlOMatic MegaChlor DO Saltwater Chlorine Generation System for SwimSpas and Above Ground Pools