Dual MEATER Plus Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer With Black BBQ Glove

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Dual MEATER Plus Meat Thermometer With Black BBQ Glove

MEATER Plus is the best-selling wireless smart meat thermometer that takes the guesswork out of indoor and outdoor cooking, offering perfect results every time. Experience restaurant-quality meals with no stress and no mess. What are you waiting for? Get the perfect cook, every time, with the long-range MEATER Plus!.

    • Built-in Bluetooth repeater in the charger extends the wireless range up to 165ft.
    • 100% Wire-Free: No wires. No fuss. The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer.
    • 2 Sensors, 1 Probe: Dual temperature sensors can monitor internal meat temperature (max: 212°F) and ambient temperature (max: 527°F).
    • Guided Cook System: Walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results.
    • Advanced Estimator Algorithm: Estimates how long to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time.
    • Connectivity Suite: Monitor your cook from a phone or tablet over Bluetooth. Extend your wireless range using MEATER Link WiFi and the MEATER Cloud

No Wires/No Fuss: Cut the cord with MEATER! All the electronics are inside the MEATER probe, eliminating the need for any wires. Up To 165ft Range With Any Cooker

MEATER Plus is 100% wire-free, allowing you to cook with complete freedom and flexibility. This Long Range Model features Bluetooth 5 with a range over 1000ft. (330m) open air, direct-line-of-sight. With walls and obstacles like a typical home, the average range is 165ft. (50m). You can easily monitor your cooking progress using the free app, which is available for both iOS (version 12.2.0 and later) and Android (version 8.0 and later) smartphones and tablets. Please note that the smartphone is not included in the package.

Monitor your cook anywhere you have internet plus more!

Connect to Amazon Alexa
  • Share your cooks & track in real-time on a Windows or Mac web browser
  • Advanced technical support and customer service
  • Guided Cook: Select your protein and get your cook started without the guesswork.
  • Receive Alerts: Check your cooking status and get notified anywhere your smart device has internet connection.
  • Estimate Cook Time: Know when your meat will be ready and manage your time better.
  • Monitor Multiple Cooks: Cook different meats at various temperatures at the same time.
The Smartest Meat Thermometer Highlights:
  • Dual Sensors: Measures both the internal meat temperature (within +/- 1°F) and the temperature close to the food.
  • Durable Materials: Made with stainless steel and heat resistant ceramic.
  • Bluetooth Repeater: Extends the wireless range up to 165ft
  • Charger: Sleek bamboo charging dock.
  • Magnetic Backing: Attaches to any metallic surface.
  • Battery Power: Charges the probe up to 100 times with a single AAA battery.
  • Probe Spec: Stainless steel, water resistant, and easy to clean. Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection. Max internal temp: 212°F. Max ambient temp: 527°F.


Technical Specifications OF Probe & Meater Charger

Connectivity Bluetooth LE 4.0 wireless connection
Maximum internal temperature 212°F (meat)
Maximum ambient temperature 527°F (cooker)
Probe Material Stainless steel and ceramic construction
Rechargeable Over 24 hours of continuous cooking
Probe Dimensions 130mm length and 6mm diameter
Charger Dimensions 157mm L x 37mm W x 28mm H
LED indicator To show battery state
Built-In Built-in Bluetooth repeater extends range up to 165ft
Battery Charges MEATER up to 100 times with one AAA battery
Expected Range 165ft 5x Longer Range
Magnetic backing Attach anywhere
App Requirement

iPhone and iPad apps for iOS 12.2 and later, Android app for versions 8.0 and later


Precision cooking on all major appliances.

Outdoor Cook: MEATER wirelessly connects to your phone and guides you through the entire cook process, allowing you to monitor your meat temperature from up to 165 feet away on your smart device. Make outdoor cooking a breeze with any appliance.

Indoor Cook: MEATER provides real-time temperature monitoring, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time. Its wireless range allows you to move around the house freely, while keeping an eye on the cooking progress through the app.

Key Features of HogoR BBQ Grilling Gloves:

  1. Heat Resistance: Made with premium heat-resistant materials, these gloves can withstand high temperatures, providing excellent protection against burns and heat-related injuries. Whether you're grilling, baking, or cooking, you can handle hot surfaces with confidence.

  2. Non-Slip Design: The HogoR BBQ Grilling Gloves feature a non-slip design, offering a secure grip on various surfaces. This ensures that you can handle utensils, pots, and grilling tools with ease, reducing the risk of accidents and spills.

  3. Waterproof: These gloves are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor grilling or handling hot liquids. You can confidently handle wet or greasy items without compromising your safety or comfort.

  4. Versatile Usage: Whether you're barbecuing in the backyard, cooking in the kitchen, or baking in the oven, these gloves are up to the task. They're suitable for a wide range of activities, including barbecue parties, outdoor picnics, camping trips, and more.

  5. Black Silicone Pot Holders: The gloves come with black silicone pot holders, providing additional protection and convenience when handling hot pots, pans, or grill grates. The pot holders enhance your grip and make it easier to maneuver hot cookware safely.

  6. Gift-Worthy: These BBQ grilling gloves make a practical and thoughtful gift for any cooking enthusiast or barbecue aficionado. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, anyone who loves to cook will appreciate the functionality and quality of these mitts.

Overall, the HogoR BBQ Grilling Gloves combine superior heat resistance, non-slip grip, and waterproof functionality to enhance your cooking experience. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a novice chef, these gloves are an indispensable tool for achieving culinary perfection.

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    Dual MEATER Plus Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer With Black BBQ Glove