Lollipop Baby Camera with True Crying Detection (Turquoise) -Smart WiFi Baby Camera

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Smart WiFi Newborn Baby Camera With Video, Audio and Sleep Track

The Lollipop Baby Camera is an optimal solution for parents looking for an extra layer of safety and security while keeping an eye on their newborns. Featuring innovative true crying detection and wifi video monitoring, parents can not only easily view their baby from anywhere, but also be alerted if their little one needs attention. Get peace of mind with the Lollipop Baby Camera.

Baby monitors offer the ability to see and hear your baby clearly during day and night, from near and far, and with bonus smart features like wifi and smartphone connectivity.

Key Features

  • "TRUE CRYING DETECTION" - Real Crying and Noise AI Recognizability >96% respectively in the market. Not frustrated by false alarm anymore.
  • "SHORT LIVE FEED LATENCY" - 1s latency with better signal under the same WIFI, generally <3s
  • "UNIQUE AUDIO MODE" - The First WiFiCam with Audio Mode for Overnight Monitoring, alarm you when any disconnection. Make you relax and sleep well at night.
  • "PUSH VIDEO & MULTI SCREEN" - Free latest 500 trigger-video storage. Mulitple Lollipop monitoring simultaneously.
  • "LOVELY LOOKING AND MONTHLY FEE FREE" - Neatly package with Soft Colors, Toxic-free silicone. Easy Installation and Monthly fee free.

 How to Install

  • On the table - you can bind the tail of the Lollipop camera into any shape, and a flat-curved shape would be perfect to fit this camera onto a table. It’s screw compatible, so tripods also work well! The point is that you can position the camera anywhere in the room that you deem suitable!
  • On the wall - This is a funky and sensible solution to tracking your baby whilst you’re out. Aesthetically, you’ll have a cool, branch-like accessory with which you can mount your Lollipop smart baby camera on the wall. Why did we create such a crazy mount? Well, because Lollipop wants the aesthetic of your child’s room to look pretty and appealing to their young and growing mind.
  • On the crib - We make it easy for you to watch your baby’s crib because Lollipop has a unique and flexible mounting apparatus for the smart baby camera to attach it to the side of a crib. It’s so important that you have a clear view of your child.

What's Included

  • Lollipop camera
  • Power adaptor and 3 meter cable
  • Quick set up manual
  • Accessory for crib binding
  • Cable holder: You can store the power cable inside our holder to provide tangled wires which might pose a threat to your baby
  • Accessory for wall mounting: If you want to mount the camera on the wall, rather than the crib, you can!

Lollipop Baby Camera with True Crying Detection (Turquoise) -Smart WiFi Baby Camera