LevelSmart Wireless Autofill

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  • Maintain your desired water level with superior wireless technology. The water level sensor checks every 30 minutes and only allows the water to fill when the water is below the set level
  • Retrofits to new or existing pools and spas – Installs into existing plumbing without deconstruction of the deck or structure saving you thousands of dollars.
  • Sleek and unnoticeable water level sensor hides in the trough of your pool or spa. No more hoses or outdated clunky pool fillers
  • Automatic pool filler and leveler. Always have your pool at your precise level without the worry of overfills, chemical imbalances, and pump burnouts
  • Made in the USA. We only use the highest quality materials to last you years of precise measuring and leveling. Manufactured in San Diego, CA


Never fill your pool again with the most dependable automatic pool and spa filler. The LevelSmart Wireless Autofill is the most dependable autofill solution for your pool, spa, pond, tank, or water feature.LevelSmart is a simple retrofit for any application. The American made quality ensures that it is the most reliable autofill on the market. Eliminate the chore of filling your pool manually and let the LevelSmart Wireless Autofill maintain your desired water level. 1,000 feet of wireless communication Compact design Simple retrofit installation Adjustable fill rate Maintains desired water level Over-fill Protection Uses existing plumbing Compatible with AMI Smart meters Checks water level every 30 minutes

LevelSmart Wireless Autofill