LAVA ME 3 38" Carbon Fiber Smart Acoustic Electric Guitar with Built-in Effects and HILAVA OS for Adults, Teens and Beginners - Soft Gold (Right Hand)

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Elevate your best acoustic electric guitar experience with the LAVA ME 3 Smart Guitar, a 38" Carbon Fiber masterpiece designed for right-handed players. Crafted with precision and innovation, this lightweight Lava music guitar not only boasts a durable carbon fiber construction but also incorporates built-in effects to unleash a world of sonic possibilities. The sleek soft gold color adds a touch of modern elegance, making the LAVA ME 3 Smart Guitar 38 inch a standout choice for musicians who seek portability, durability, and a uniquely enriched acoustic performance. Perfectly tailored for right-handed guitarists, this instrument delivers both style and substance, ensuring an exceptional playing experience.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Fiber Construction: Lightweight and durable for optimal portability.
  • Built-in Effects: Explore a variety of sound options and enhance your playing versatility.
  • Soft Gold Color: Modern and stylish, adding an aesthetic appeal to your musical expression.
  • Right-Handed Orientation: Tailored for the comfort and convenience of right-handed players.
  • 38" Size: Strikes a balance between portability and full-size acoustic resonance.
  • Best acoustic electric reimagined with a multi-touch display
  • Dozens of Effects to craft immersive sounds easily
  • Loops with constantly updated grooves to record and share
  • Practice App to build every guitar skill with 5 modes
  • Enhanced acoustics with advanced audio technologies

Product Highlights:

  1. Smart Guitar Innovation: The LAVA ME 3 redefines best acoustic-electric guitars with its all-in-one instrument design featuring a multi-touch display and the revolutionary HILAVA system, providing a seamless music creation experience.

  2. Effortless Effects Integration: Elevate your sound instantly with immersive effects using advanced audio algorithms and FreeBoost 2.0 technology. No need for amplifiers or pedals – just tap and play.

  3. Creative Looping Capability: Unleash your creativity by capturing inspiration on the fly. With the LAVA ME 3, effortlessly create loops, overdub up to 3 tracks, and share your musical journey with the vibrant LAVA+ community.

  4. Comprehensive Skill Building: Enhance your musical skills with comprehensive practice features. Train finger dexterity, perfect strumming techniques, master scales, and more. Receive real-time feedback and detailed progress reports to track your musical development.

  5. Durable Weatherproof Design: The AirSonic 2 Carbon Fiber construction ensures the LAVA ME 3 withstands extreme weather conditions and accidental drops or bumps, providing the freedom to play anywhere without worries about maintenance.

  6. HILAVA OS: Experience a lightweight and interactive interface with the HILAVA operating system. No need for a constant mobile connection – the guitar supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, automatically syncing your projects to the lavaCloud for effortless accessibility.

What's in the Box?

LAVA ME 3             Space Charging Cable (USB-C)        Ideal Pick (Mix)          Space Bag

 How does it sound?

LAVA ME 3 38" Carbon Fiber Smart Acoustic Electric Guitar with Built-in Effects and HILAVA OS for Adults, Teens and Beginners - Soft Gold (Right Hand)