Luxury Class A7 AURA Bidet Toilet Seat

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Luxury Class Smart Toilet Seat

Stainless steel nozzle Animated Response LED Side Panel
Oscillating User preset
Wide cleaning Adjustable heated seat
Hybrid On-Demand heating system Night Light
Massage cleaning Intelligent body sensor
Satisfying posterior cleaning Splash guard
Soft feminine cleaning Slow closing seat/lid
Adjustable nozzle Quick release for easy cleaning
Nozzle self-clean Eco mode
Auto wash Silient mode
User controlled warm water Hide away hose crips



Breakaway from the ordinary with the Bio Bidet Aura A7.

The Aura A7 is designed to meet the needs of those looking for a bidet with additional features and durability at a great price. The Aura A7 comes with many of the same benefits of higher priced units without any of the extras that are not needed. Keeping quality in mind while designing this unit, we have been able to keep the most sought after features available. The result is a sleek and technologically advanced seat that offers a complete hygienic solution. Enjoy all of the benefits of a fully electric bidet in the most streamlined and aesthetically elegant unit yet.

Luxury Class A7 AURA Bidet Toilet Seat