IXS Unisex Trigger FF Full Face All-Mountain Trail Enduro Protective Bike Helmet

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  • DURABLE MATERIAL COMPOSITION – 20% Polycarbonate, 45% shock-absorbing EPS foam, 0.5% Aluminium, 20% Nylon, 2% POM, 7.5% PP, 5% Polyester for optimal strength, weight and ventilation
  • RELIABLE DESIGN – All-round protection is ensured by inmould technology in which the helmet shell is directly connected to the absorbing EPS material, resulting in an increase of its structural strength with the advantage of a reduction of weight & volume
  • WELL-VENTILATED - The high number of ventilation openings (external and internal ventilation channels), as well as the placement angles and integrated channels provide lots of air circulation and the best cooling
  • ADJUSTABLE - ErgoFit UltraTM creates a comfortable and extremely exact fit vertically and horizontally; 2-level visor adjustment allow to rest goggle and adjust visor to preferred position and its magnetic closure system provides an easy handling
  • FEATURES - Goggle compatible adjustable visor, Dial adjuster with precision interlocking, double-inmould, 360 deg. inmould shell, adjustable jaws/straps, magnetic closure; the helmet meets the European safety standard, EN1078 as well as the American CPSC


IXS TRIGGER FF FULL FACE HELMET Extremely light (+/ - 600g) All-Mountain, Trail and Enduro universally handy/throughout the day full face protective cap. The Trigger head protector gives all round security licensed inmould innovation in which the cap shell is straightforwardly associated with the retaining EPS material. The interesting and protected innovation associates the face watch in one piece with the head EPS liner and in this way joins the entire in one bringing about an expansion of its auxiliary quality with the benefit of a decrease of weight and volume however an expansion in ventilation. The high number of ventilation openings, just as the position points and incorporated channels give heaps of air dissemination and the best cooling. The two-segments change unit with exactness interlocking, ErgoFit UltraTM makes an agreeable and incredibly definite fit vertically and evenly, ensuring a solid match and a serious extent of wearing solace. The 2-level visor alteration permit to rest goggle and modify visor to favored position and its attractive conclusion framework gives a simple taking care of. This cap arrangement satisfies the European security standard, EN1078 just as the American CPSC and ASTM for DH on frontal effect. SIZES: Small/Medium – 54-58 cm Medium Large – 58-62 cm Technologies: X-Frame: Patented completely in-formed development, one of a kind in advertise. Unibody in-formed EPS to dispense with week joints. High solidarity to weight proportion.

IXS Unisex Trigger FF Full Face All-Mountain Trail Enduro Protective Bike Helmet