Grit Choice Wheeled Hockey Bag 36"

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The Grit HX1 Choice Wheeled Hockey Bag offers players organization and airflow in a highly durable construction. The exterior boasts 600D polyester and heavy-duty tarpaulin to resist the rigors of travel and the locker room. On each end and the top opening of the Grit HX1 Hockey Bag is durable mesh panels that consistently provide airflow to your equipment. The panels are always exposed, so your gear will have airflow from the moment you leave the locker room.

Internally, the Grit HX1 Wheeled Hockey Bag features an included and easy to set-up gear divider. The divider allows players to store their skates on one side with the included skate mat, and their gloves and helmet on the other side. Two accessory pockets are included with the divider to store your personal items and anything you need to ensure you're game ready. The rest of the spacious interior offers plenty of room to store your hockey equipment.

The Grit HX1 can either be carried over the shoulders or rolled along the ground to make traveling to and from the rink a lot easier. The two all-terrain wheels and telescopic handle will allow you to roll over any obstacle you might find heading to the rink doors.

  • Model Number: HX1-036
Grit Choice Wheeled Hockey Bag 36"