Morley ABC 9v in/out

Product Code: Morley-ABC.A0

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  • Route one input to three outputs (1 guitar to 3 amps)
  • Route three inputs to one output (3 guitars to 1 amp)
  • Combine or select as needed
  • LED’s show you which signal is active
  • True bypass


The Morley ABC expands on the industry standard Morley ABY Switching Device with an extra channel. It's flexible routing allows you to route one input into three outputs or three inputs into one output giving you many useful options to route your signal. It's Passive circuitry also doesn't require power to function (only the LEDs require power). A reliable switcher is a must-have for any musician's tool kit.

Route one signal to three outputs or three inputs to one output. Then choose any combination of A, B & C. LED’s show you which signal is active. One 9-volt battery is required for LED indication. True Bypass & Two-year warranty.

Morley ABC 9v in/out