LAVA ME 3 Carbon Fiber Lightweight Guitar with Effects 38-inch Acoustic Guitar Soft Red

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  • Enjoy a super fluid interactive experience on this lightweight and intelligent interface. Dive into a sea of astonishingly rich sounds, all within your guitar
  • It works autonomously, without relying on mobile phone connection. Naturally, it supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cloud sync
  • AirSonic is highly resistant against extreme changing of temperature and humidity. It deliver a consistent performances from -40°C to 80°C. Now you can take your LAVA ME with you, even places like Iceland or Sahara Desert.
  • Using guitar effects is now as simple as adding filters to a picture. You can also customize and fine tune the specific parameters
  • Building upon the success of the previous two generations of Lava Me models, the brand is currently at the forefront as they launch the “Smart Guitar” with an LCD panel in place of knobs and switches


The one-piece body technology was developed with extensive research combining much collaboration with different companies to ensure its finest result. The weight of the mold for LAVA ME’s body weighs over 6 tons, and required a machine that delivered more than 1000 tons of pressure machines for each injection molding. That’s how we make such a perfect and seamlessly product. Dynamic elastic modulus is the key to determinant an acoustic performance of ones material, to put it simple, the lighter and stronger the material is, the better the acoustic performance is. AirSonic has 30% higher dynamic modulus than commonly used material for wooden guitar such as spruce, mahogany and rosewood.

LAVA ME 3 Carbon Fiber Lightweight Guitar with Effects 38-inch Acoustic Guitar Soft Red