MIOPS Smart Standalone and Smartphone Controllable Camera For canon

Product Code: MIOPS-Cable-C1 for Canon

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  • TURNS YOUR DSLR INTO A HIGH-SPEED CAPTURE DEVICE - The MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger is equipped with a high-quality optical sensor that detects events like lightning strikes and triggers the shutter simultaneously.
  • CAN WORK AS A STANDALONE - The Smart Trigger is a standalone device connected to a DSLR or external flash (kit includes a PC Sync Flash Cable). Its sensors can work with or without the MIOPS App.
  • PROVIDES 6 MODES IN STANDALONE MODE - If you use the MIOPS Smart as a standalone device, you can configure the Lightning, Sound, Laser, Time Lapse, HDR, and DIY triggering modes.
  • OFFERS ADVANCED TRIGGERING FUNCTIONS - Download the MIOPS app on your smartphone and unlock advanced features such as (but not limited to) Cable Release, Press and Lock, Timed Release, and more!
  • COMPATIBILITY - Canon EOS 10d, 1d mk ii, 1d x, 1ds, 1ds mk iii, 1V, 40d, 50d, 5d mk iv, 5DS R, 6d, 7d, 7d mk ii, d60, and more. Please check MIOPS' website for an up-to-date list of supported cameras.


Turn your Camera into a High-Speed Capture Device

MIOPS Smart+ is a versatile camera and flash trigger, all packed into one small device. Providing advanced triggering modes like lightning, sound, laser, timelapse, HDR and more, MIOPS Smart+ is the perfect tool to give you professional quality, high-speed photos, every time.

MIOPS Smart+ is energy efficient and compatible with iOS & Android smartphones, with Bluetooth Low Energy Support.

MIOPS Smart Standalone and Smartphone Controllable Camera For canon